Payment & Delivery

Order confirmation
You will receive a non-binding confirmation of receipt immediately with your order. You later receive a binding order confirmation after a price and date check from our ERP system.

All prices on position level are calculated excluding VAT.

Packaging / Shipping
In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, the type of packaging and shipping shall be chosen by Amsler & Frey AG and invoiced separately to the Purchaser. Packaging material is not returnable.

Customs clearance and export costs will be invoiced separately.

Transfer of benefit and risk
Benefit and risk are transferred to the buyer from the date of readiness for dispatch.

30 days net. Unjustified deductions will be claimed by charging a lump-sum for this activity.

Surcharge for small quantities
If the value of goods is less than CHF 130.00, a small quantity surcharge of CHF 60.00 will be added to the value of goods. The net value with small quantity surcharge will not be higher than CHF 130.00.

Dimensional tolerances for cuts
If the buyer does not specify a cutting tolerance, Amsler & Frey AG will select this and specify it in the order confirmation. In the absence of a contrary report from the buyer, this shall be accepted.

Basis of contract
In the absence of any written agreement to the contrary, the General Terms and Conditions (as at 22.05.2023) of Amsler & Frey AG shall apply in all cases.